Sunday, May 3, 2009

How much does it cost to rent a motel room for a couple of hours?

Same as it cost to rent that same room for a whole night.

Some airport hotels have half-day rates. You do not get full service. It's for people who just need to rest and take a shower while in transit. Airlines sometimes use them for passengers or staff when there's an unexpected long delay.

I bet your mom knows....ask her.

Usually the same as all night (unless you're in a 'red light' district where they sometimes have rooms by the hour for the prostitutes).

I rented one once and they charged me for a full "nights" stay.

ummm some people are wrong where im from which is ga we can rent the like 3 hrs for 15 down here we dont have to stay the whole night

GO ON THERE WEBSITES. They usually charge you for one night.

Why you need that? LMAO

I guess it is decided by where you want to go.But, If you are not careful, it can cost much more then just the price of the room. I hope I am wrong but sounds like you need to also check the price of condomes, maybe treatment prices for STDs. maybe even child support. Just be careful. If you don't know the person you are going there with real well. it could even cost you your life.



this is a horrible question to spread over the internet just got ask the hotel ppl

just ask Jeeves. He would know. lol

normally it's pro-rated but there will be a flat fee for the maid service/changing the sheets

Same as it costs for the whole night.

haha nice question, don't be so bloody cheap!

Why, you married?

Or a couple of minutes in your case, juan. HEYOH!

they charge by the night unless they are really really really tacky enough to have a "few hours" rate lol

The same as it would cost for the entire night. Unless you are at a pay by the hour "No Tell Motel"

they are still going to charge for a whole day. if you go to the gas station and ask to buy a cigarette do you think they will sell you just one

most charge by the night no matter if you stay 1hr or 24hrs.

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