Saturday, May 2, 2009

My dog was chewing on those combat roach motel. What do I do?

He chewed 2 of them, he really bit into them. He is a rat terrier, will he be ok and what do I do?

My puppy (7 months, 40 pounds) ATE one of these things a couple of weeks ago. In it went, out it came, with no seemingly bad side effects. If you have a medium-large dog, he's probably okay. With a little one, I'd watch him carefully, and if you see anything out of the ordinary, call the vet immediately!

get him a combat dog motel. if he doesn't die soon he'll be OK. might need to give him the hemlock maneuver

My dog did the same thing at my mom's one time. I have a yorkie. I had to take her to the vet, he had to give her something to make her throw up. He had to keep her overnight. If I were you, I would call your vet. You don't want to wait too long. Good luck!

Take it away from him. Call the vet

Check your yellow pages for a nice pet cemetary.


get a new roach hotel ,feed your dog ,it must be hungry

Call Poison control 1800 222 1222

Take him to the vet! That is poison!

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