Monday, May 4, 2009

Can an 18 yr old rent a motel room? or is the age requirement 21?

The requirement is 21, but there are some rink-e-dink little shack motels that will rent to 18 year olds.

Depends on the state law and the local hotel's policy. Typically a hotel will not rent to anyone under 21 unless the are active military or > 150 miles from the home address on their state issued ID.

In other words, if you are looking to go to hotel in your home town to have a party, you are waisting your money. You will get evicted and possibly thrown in jail. Hotels are for overnight sleeping, not parties.

Please let me know if you have any questions ... but basically I would recommend that you call the hotel you are considering and ask what their policy is.

*** PS... It's still difficult to answer your question as I know you are going to SoCal .. but from where ??? You need to plan your trip in advance and talk directly to the front desk at the hotels you will be staying to determine their requirements. You will need a credit card that will authorize for the amt of room and tax times the number of nights you are staying plus add about $50 for incidentals ... for each hotel .. Hope this helps.

I did at 18. But it was such a dive hotel. I went there with my gf and her two friends to get drunk. we were all 18. We had to pay cash. I was pretty sure there was a dead hooker under the bed.

You can at 21. I had to when I was 16.

Edit: Should not be a problem. I rented rooms several times when in college in So Ca.

You don't need a motel room.

You have to be of age and have a credit card.

If you're 18 then your a legal adult so I think you can. What are you planning to do? lol

if its the Uk - then any age as long as u got the cash.

If it's the Us - who knows? are u trusted to have your own room at 27?

in canada you can if you're 18



yeah u can rent one at 18

people don't have sex in cars anymore?

idk where u live but in washingtonu hve to be 21

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